50 Ways to Make Your LIfe Even MORE Awesome

1. Start a blog

2. Write a bucket list

3. Keep a journal

4. Look back at last months bank statement and carefully scrutinize where your money is going, then create a new budget

5. Write an “I Am” Statement

6. Start a business (right now!)

7. Volunteer/Be of Service

8. Learn a new skill

9. Write and self publish a book

10. Overcome a fear

11. Make eye contact

12. Smile at strangers

13. Stop complaining for a day (just ONE day…you can do it!)

14. Break a habit for a day

15. Spend a day without your phone (maybe leave a vm for people letting them know you are away so your mom or close friends don’t worry when their call goes straight vm all day!)

16. Take a week off from Facebook

17. Cancel your cable

18. Take control of your email

19. Clear out the accumulated stuff you don’t need, want, or use

20. Stop buying stuff you don’t need and don’t REALLY want

21. Make something you would normally buy

22. Eat more vegetables or become a vegetarian/vegan

23. Start juicing

24. Drink more water

25. Stop putting things into your body that you know are toxic (ie: quit smoking and sugar binging)

26. Make restful sleep a priority

27. Take a cold shower in the morning

28. Ride your bike to work

29. Meditate… even for 5 minutes a day

30. Practice yoga

31. Dance in your living room (or anywhere… or everywhere!)

32. Travel (you can start with your own city!)

33. Spend time in nature

34. Say no to requests that don’t create value

35. Listen more

36. Laugh more

37. Get a physical or get some blood work test (if you don’t have health insurance you can get some comprehensive health screenings done for $100 to $200 at a lab)

38. Use the power of your mind to instantly relax your muscles

39. Breath deeper

40. Cut up your credit cards

41. Contact a well known person who inspires you and ask them one simple question

42. Fix something small around the house or at work that has been annoying the shit out of you

43. Pick one thing you are grateful and write down why you are grateful

44. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself how good/healthy/sexy you look

45. Get your adrenaline pumping

46. Give and receive the gift of touch

47. Push your physical limits

48. Break some rules

49. Immediately take action with anything new that you learn

50. Hang out with people who inspire you

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The Wandering Yogi