A Powerful Commitment – Releasing Our Negative Talk of Others

Today I invite us to make a commitment. A commitment that will immediately start changing our lives and the lives of those around us. A commitment that will immediately end many future negative experiences and losses for ourselves and an untold number of people. This single commitment will change our thought processes and emotional state so considerably, that hindrances and obstacles to living our dreams, loving others and being loved by others will  begin to fall away with ease. This commitment will ease stress, guilt, anger, fear, despair and blame while raising our compassion to such heights that we will never again be burdened by jealously, inferiority, low self esteem or judgments of others based on false truths and hearsay. This commitment will open doors to us that were once closed in business and personal relationships forging deeper bonds with all those that surround us.

This commitment will bring us more happiness, health, respect, opportunity and financial gain than we ever thought imaginable.

This commitment is very simple.

The commitment is to never again talk poorly of another human being.

For every time we speak ill of one friend to another we loose the trust of both.

For every time we speak ill of a business associate we are displaying  our weaknesses to those in power who have the capacity to support our endeavors.

For every time we speak ill of a competitor we loose a customer and further solidify within our minds our own limitations.

For everytime we speak ill of anyone we may be unjustly effecting their lives in such a way that we limit their potential for happiness and bring them to an early demise in ways that we never thought possible or desired to occur. 

The moment we speak ill of others we loose sight of our own path in life. The negativity of such talk further promotes the negative talk that we speak also of ourselves which is the kind of talk that leads us to illness and misery.

Let us make this commitment to each other. And if we should falter we will not shame ourselves, but notice our lapse, turn inward to find the cause, forgive ourselves and recommit.

I make a promise to you and to myself  today that if we do just this one thing, that everything else in our lives will begin to fall into place where and how we desire, as our energies will be so freed that we may direct our consiousness towards the fullest potential of our life and nothing less.

The Wandering Yogi

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