A Typical Day in Bali for a Location Independent Entrepreneur

Doesn’t “Location Independent Entrepreneur” sound so worldly and interesting? I like to think so…

It has been 9 days since I landed in Bali. I have had a couple excursions, such as heading over to Goa Gajah and walking around the temple grounds…

Then going up through the countryside and eating lunch overlooking the Volcano with Dan, my Australian friend (the only other person staying at Soulshine at the moment and a great, random, travel companion. He happens to be leaving right at this very moment! Bye Dan!)


My favorite day was spent at the White Sand Beach, swimming in the ocean, getting a massage, eating lunch and napping on my lounge chair under an umbrella…

However, I do already have a typical daily routine starting here at Soulshine and in Ubud, Bali in general. It goes something like this…

Wake up around 6:30am, shower, get ready, etc

7am Walk over to the open air kitchen and say “Selemat Pagi” (good morning) to the security staff. Get some Bali coffee, take a 10 minute stroll down the path along the stream while trying not to notice all of the naked people washing themselves, and then sit down with my computer to work for about an hour and a half in the living area. Often I am checking emails and Skyping as it is about 4pm back at home during that time. I usually take a quick break to eat breakfast served by the kitchen staff, which often consists of an omelette, toast, assorted fruits and fresh juice.

9am Teach or practice yoga (depending on if there are students or not) in the 3rd story open air yoga studio overlooking the rice fields.

10:30am Work

Around 2ish I eat lunch, typically consisting of a vegetarian sandwich with a side of fruit or an Indonesian rice dish along with lime/mint juice. I will also have a swim around this time (not necessarily in that order)…

3:30pm or so… Get on my scooter and head out to town. I would like to take a minute to tell you that driving around Bali is often the highlight of my day, however I do not recommend it what-so-ever. Even if you are an adventurous, thrill seeker, it is surely one of the most dangerous things you could do on Bali. On the plus side, I filled up my gas tank for 80 cents.

I typically stop into central Ubud and for about $1.5 I have a little, tasty, chocolatey treat with a coffee at a cafe (it seems I  have acquired a new addiction in Bali…). I will either stay and roam around town aimlessly or get back on my scooter and drive through some of the outlying villages.

Around 5:30-6pm I start making my way back “home,” often stopping just out of central Ubud to pick up dinner from my favorite Mexican food restaurant (because they have incredible Mexican food here!)

Once I get home and eat. I sit down to work on both my client projects as well as my own. I stop around 9:30pm and retire to my room to read The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill until I fall asleep around 10:30pm.

I am sure I will have some interesting adventures to tell you about along the way. Over the next few weeks I will be teaching yoga to a group of physically challenged children in Ubud as well as meeting up with Sean Ogle from Location180.com.

If you happen to be in Bali, let’s get together!

The Wandering Yogi

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