As It Goes in Meditation, So It Goes in Business

Meditation and work is the same. Just sitting is just sitting and working is just working. There is no difference. No separation. Work in service the way you meditate in service – for the benefit of all things, for there is also no separation between you and all things. 

Work is work. It comes and it goes. Like the thoughts. Like the breath. It does not love you or hate you – there are no feelings to attach to work.

Be on time. 


Stay true to your word.

Breath calmly.

And your work will flow undisturbed the way a river flows down the mountain.

I wrote the above letter to myself some months ago and taped it to the wall in my office when I was feeling stressed out over a particular web development project. I have a generally good habit of caring deeply about what I do in my work, but sometimes this puts me in a place where I find myself wrapping up too many emotions with it, which occasionally leaves me in a state of fear when things are not going super smoothly!

Whether you are practicing business or meditation (or anything!), I highly recommend you get comfortable with both right effort and non attachment!

Without right effort, many stresses will arise, as you will not be using the proper tools that can support you in your practice, such as being on time for deadlines and meetings or sitting up straight in meditation and practicing reguarly. 

And without non-attachment you will swing wildly with the inevitable fluctuations of practice. Sometimes meditation and business are a breeze: The mind stays calm, the legs don’t fall asleep, the new product launch was hit, the money is flowing in! And sometimes they are a painful struggle mentally, physically and emotionally. Give yourself some space to see the full picture and to embrace the fluctuations calmly. In business, as in meditation, there is really no outcome anyway…just a flow of experience.

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The Wandering Yogi