Ask Stacy: What is my next action step?

Hi Stacy,

My name is Luke and I am a recent college graduate, yoga lover, and aspiring corporate rat race escape artist. I’ve been reading your blog and have loved your topics on lifestyle design!

As a newcomer in the lifestyle arena, I have one question that I feel could use your expertise. I would really appreciate your help with it.

I have just read the 4 Hour Workweek and am getting started with designing my own dream life. As someone who just came out of college with a biomedical science degree (was going to become a doctor) and switched to business consulting, I feel that I don’t have the tangible skills necessary to offer readers a worthwhile product. My hobbies mainly consist of traveling around the country on the weekends, meeting fellow hostel lovers, and doing yoga. In my shoes, what actions steps would be best?





Dear Luke,

Start writing. Everyday. You will begin to figure out what is important to you. It will lead to something.

Share your writing. It will make you better at it.

This skill will help you where ever it may lead you.



The Wandering Yogi