California Spirit Festival

California Spirit Festival

I am very honored to be a part of the behind the scenes efforts of the California Spirit Festival coming to Sacramento in April. I know so many of the amazing people involved and they are working around the clock to produce an amazing and uplifting event.

Sukhbir Kaur of It’s Time to Live and Tyler Langdale of Yoga Shala, the co-founder’s of California Spirit Festival, are true leaders in the yoga industry and they will be teaching, and offering up their spirit, side by side with Les Leventhal, MC, Yogi, Steve Gold, Girish, Jai Jagdessh and SO many other amazing teachers and conscious artists.

We hope you will join us in this opportunity to raise our consciousness in community!


About California Spirit Festival

The California Spirit Festival is home to a collaboration of yoga, dance, meditation, kirtan, and COMMUNITY! Held in Sacramento, its mission is to cultivate a STATE of consciousness that helps to elevate one another towards peace through health, wellness, and awareness.

California Spirit Festival brings together top teachers in California for weekend full of heart opening backbends, movement as medicine, sound to heal the soul, and connection with community that has never been seen before!

Start your day with long held yin postures, balancing your nervous system with Kundalini Yoga or setting your spirit free with 5 Rhythms dance. Then get your sweat on as you vinyasa your way into a deepened sense of flexibility in you spine and in your mind!

Feeling hungry now? Visit our Organic Kitchen! Committed to farm-fresh food and vegetarian cuisine, this kitchen has something for everyone. Enough goodness to keep you nourished through the day as well as lightness to keep you moving with ease.

Feeling like you want to chill? Visit our mediation room or stop in at panel discussion on community activities and topics that are designed to raise action and awareness. As the day winds down let the heart fill up in the Grand Ballroom with the healing vibration of kirtan and chanting.

Know your spirit, be your spirit, and let the California Spirit Fest set your soul free!

Our Mission

The California Spirit Festival’s mission is to create opportunity for people to raise their level of connection to the planet and one another. Our goal is to provide an environment where people stretch their bodies and their minds by deepening their practice of yoga, dance, music, mantra, and mindful eating.

Our Vision

To highlight Sacramento as a city that embodies the spirit of health, wellness and social & environmental responsibility as a means to healing us as individuals, as a city, as a state and as a planet.


Pilgrimage – The Latest Album by MC Yogi, California Spirit Festival Teacher and Performer





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