Does Your Website Meet the Needs of Your Target Markets?

Below is a letter I just sent out to my web design clients. If you are a yoga teacher, yoga studio owner or entrepreneur of any sort, I invite you to read this carefully to ensure that you are reaching your target market via your most powerful and important marketing vehicle…your website!


Dear Valued Clients,
While in Bali I have been taking the opportunity to expand my knowledge base to better serve you. There are so many aspects to designing a great website, that have nothing to do with design, in order to convert the website viewers into paying clients. Don’t miss out! Keep reading…

Start Traveling – How to Reach Your Travel Goals

Below is a guest repost by Steve Pavlina from his blog Personal Development for Smart People. It doesn’t get much more thorough than this! Thank you Steve for all your hard work and great writing! Enjoy!

Are there some places you’d just love to visit? How long have you dreamed of doing so? Years perhaps? Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


A Powerful Commitment – Releasing Our Negative Talk of Others

Today I invite us to make a commitment. A commitment that will immediately start changing our lives and the lives of those around us. A commitment that will immediately end many future negative experiences and losses for ourselves and an untold number of people. This single commitment will change our thought processes and emotional state so considerably, that hindrances and obstacles to living our dreams, loving others and being loved by others will  begin to fall away with ease. Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


Prosperity and Banking While Traveling in Bali

Before I left the US, I called my bank to see how much I would be screwed over (I am SO yoga) when using my ATM card in Bali. The damage? The local ATM fees, $5 charge per transaction by my bank AND a 3.5% international transaction fee! What?

Napoleon Hill’s Third Law of Success is Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


A Typical Day in Bali for a Location Independent Entrepreneur

Doesn’t “Location Independent Entrepreneur” sound so worldly and interesting? I like to think so…

It has been 9 days since I landed in Bali. Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


The Long Road to Overnight Success

I am living the dream. I am in Ubud, Bali for a month and half working as a yoga teacher and running my location independent design business from Soulshine a lush tropical retreat center owned my Michael Franti.

Before I left and since I have been here, I have been asked the same question numerous times. Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


Soulshine Yoga Retreat Center in Bali

I know I have not written in a month. Which is a shame because I have had so many things to write about such as the yoga studio, Deep Art and Yoga, that I managed and taught at closing it’s doors and the space, along with me, taken on by Yoga Shala.

I could also have been writing about my new found love of Ashtanga yoga and how it has transformed my body in just a few weeks.

And the biggest thing of all that I could have been writing about is Don’t miss out! Keep reading…


The Cold Hard Truth About Being an Entrepreneur

Working for yourself is awesome. It really is. There are so many incredible benefits to being an entrepreneur.

You get to do what you love. Working for yourself you can decide what business you want to be involved with. You can even decide within that business what you like to do and what you want delegate to others.

You can determine your schedule. No one is going to get mad at you if you decide to come in to your place of business at 10am instead of 8am if you work at an office (or roll out of bed and over to the couch with your computer!) You can decide which days you want to work and which days you want off. You can take your vacations whenever you want to schedule them. If your child gets sick, you can just get them to a doctor with out worrying about loosing your job!

Your income is based off of your time and effort and isn’t static. I know so many people whose companies have downsized and their work load doubled, while their pay stayed the same. You can decide for yourself what to charge and how much to work. When you work for yourself your income can grow exponentially depending on your effort, but when you work for someone else you are lucky to get small raises rarely, maybe a bigger promotion exceptionally rarely.

You don’t have a crazy boss breathing down your neck. You don’t have to be under the thumb of one persons ideas of how you should work, when you should work and what you should look like when you are working! You can choose (and fire) your clients to suit your needs and how you want to be treated.

These are all great things. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But is it for you?

Here is the cold hard truth about working for yourself.

It’s hard. VERY HARD.

Having someone tell you what to do is easy. Making priorities for yourself and being self-motivated is incredibly challenging.

Having a flexible schedule is wonderful, but sometimes so many non-work things come up, and because of that flexible schedule, it is challenging to stay focused and on track.

It is incredibly time consuming to work for yourself. Especially when you are just starting out. You think, “Hey…I am going to become a yoga teacher, or write this book and build a website and everyone will flock to it!” Then you realize, that not only do you have to teach yoga, but you have prepare for classes, you have to market yourself incessantly, you have to pay your taxes and do your accounting, you have to keep going to trainings, you have to take classes and network, you have to build a website.

So here you are as a yoga teacher or a self-published book author and you are working on your website and now you realize that you have to do it yourself or become an effective delegator real fast. It seems so easy, just build a website and they will come right? Wrong. You have this beautiful design idea, and then you realize that you have to work on the content for the site, and you have to get the right photos and you have to connect with social media sites and you have to write amazing content for your blogs and newsletters. Then the next thing you know you have to learn search engine optimization and you have to start getting other websites to link to your site. You also have to keep at it and update everything regularly. The list goes on and on and on.

So you find yourself doing all of this stuff that has nothing to do with what you had originally wanted to do and the next thing you know, that flexible schedule has you working ALL THE TIME. Somtimes you even start finding that the things you once LOVED to do start to feel just like…WORK!

When you are an entrepreneur you are doing what you love, but you also have to become an accountant, a marketer, a sales person, a manager, your own cheerleader, and trust me, those are not all of the hats that you will have to wear!

Also, you will find that you don’t have one boss breathing down your neck, you now have MANY CLIENTS WANTING SOMETHING FROM YOU and you have to prioritize and juggle all of their needs with your own.

Let’s not forget to mention dealing with things such as paying quarterly taxes, paying for your own health insurance, not being able to collect unemployment or state disability if something goes drastically wrong, and of course not having the same paycheck coming in at the same time each month.

There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. In fact it is infinitely harder than being employed 40 hours a week. It takes more time. It takes more motivation and it takes more energy. You have to really want it. You have to have verve. You have to be stable and consistent. You have to be outgoing and a people person. You have to be COMMITTED.

Then one day you look around and wonder WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF and THIS is the moment of truth. This is when you have to dig deep, because it is in that moment when you either decide to give up or when you decide to push forward towards awaiting success.

Before you quit your job or start that new side business, you have to ask yourself, “Do I REALLY have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Am I REALLY ready for the time, effort and struggle?”

Because it is only worth it if you are.

Of course, the only way to really know…is to try.


I Know I Am But What Are You? Writing an I AM Statement

Last year in Sukhbir Kaur’s 40 Day Transformation training she asked us to write an “I am” statement. Most of us in the training started out with the usual labels: I am a mother, I am a yoga teacher, I am a woman, I am a husband, I am a son, etc. Then, we were asked to go deeper and to start thinking more expansively about who we wanted to be, what we wanted to do and how we wanted to feel in all areas of our existence. After looking at it again today, even though there are many things I could add and expand upon, I find it to still be incredibly pertinent on my path and something I am actively working towards.

Here is my “I am statement.” It is my hope that it offers you inspiration for writing your own. THINK EXPANSIVE.

Updated 8/5/11

I am… a human being, a being of strength, grace, power and light which shines through in both my presence and reputation.

I am… healthy, energetic and long living.

I am… a teacher, a student, a healer and a giver.

I am… an expansive and creative thinker, continuously coming up with ideas for solutions and growth which I can use to earn money as well as to give back in service.

I am… an effective leader and powerful supporter. People seek me out to spread important messages to others.

I am… practicing yoga and meditation daily.

I am… a  teacher who uplifts and inspires others all over the world.

I am… a person who people feel instantly comfortable and relaxed with. My presence is open and welcomeing which allows people to let down their guard and be open and honest with me. I greet and leave people with hugs, keep eye contact, listen intently and share upliftment.

I am… an inspiration to others. People seek me out for wisdom that will support their life.

I am… able to easily make friends and surround myself with people whose friendship is mutually supportive.

I am… a person who earns $20,000 plus a month doing only the things I enjoy the most while reliable people support me by doing the things I need done that I do not choose to handle myself and are they are compensated well in pay, time flexibility, opportunity, along with emotional, mental and spiritual fullfillment.

I am… debt free and save 15% of my income.

I am… the most reliable person people know. I do what I say I am going to do by the time I say I am going to do it and be where I say I am going to be, when I say I am going to be there.

I am… a sought after designer.

I am… an artist and a poet.

I am… a motivating and inspiring writer and public speaker.

I am… an entrepreneur and business partner helping to start and grow successful businesses which support people and the environment for a greater good.

I am… a generous philanthropist, activist and advocate for human rights and environmental sustainability.

I am… able to spend my time and money freely as I choose as my income is not based off of the amount of time I work and what I want to do with my time is not limited by how much money I make.

I am… a world traveler, often spending months living and working with friends and family in other countries such as Italy, Baja, France and Bali.

I am… an effective and uplifting communicator in any type of situation. I am able to listen intently with an open mind and heart. I am not swayed by critisism, no do I rely on praise for my confidence. My words are so clear and well understood with a noticeable kindness that people always react positively when I speak.

I am… a person who money comes to easily and I often get paid large sums of money for my insights and ideas.

I am… surrounded by amazing and supportive people who love me unconditionally and desire that I succeed.

I am… emotionally stable and able to make concsious choices versus being reactive to others negativity as well as experiences from my own past.

I am… always having fun. Everything I do brings me pleasure and enjoyment.

I am… a consumer of highly nutritious and delicious food that is cultivated sustainably.

I am… calm and relaxed even during times of great challenge.

I am… dancing and singing freely.

I am… a sound sleeper, waking up rested and ready every morning.

I am… able to give and receive love and intimacy from all of the people who are apart of my life.

I am… fulfilled in my relationship. I share the same values, interests and motivations as my partner while also enjoying autonomy. We love each other more than we ever thought we could love another and are capable of fulfilling each others intellectual, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual needs in such a way that honors our differences as well as similarities.

I am… comfortable and joyful in social situations. I am able to bring value to and enjoy the company of many different groups while maintaining a strong sense of self.

I am… confident in the beauty of my body. My skin is radiant and resiliant. My body stays at it’s optimum weight. My muscles are strong and flexible . I am pain free. I can perform any physical exercise I choose with minimal practice and I get healthier as I age. When people see me after longer periods of time they notice that I look better than the last time they saw me.

I am… a loving and supportive parent who meets the needs of my child throughout out his long and happy life. I am raising a son with high values and all the skills he needs to live his best life.

I am… in a heightened state of intention and awareness.

I am I am.

And you?


Not Enough Time for Yoga? Not Enough Time for Travel?

I don’t have enough time to practice yoga!

I don’t have enough time for travel!


Sound like you?

I used to feel the same way. Then one day I read the book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and all of my ideas about how I was using my time were thrown out the door! I began to read more and more about time management, effectiveness and productivity and it changed the way that I did everything. Instead of time being something that was difficult to manage or something that was managing me,  it started to become a valuable playing piece in a fun game of life. I learned that it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time, but that I didn’t know how to use my time wisely. Most importantly, I learned that I didn’t know what I actually wanted to be doing with my time, so it just got lost in activities that I didn’t care about and that weren’t fulfilling.

Now I know that I DO have the time to do what I love to do…and so do YOU! You just need the knowledge about how to manage your time and how to discover the ways in which you really want to be spending your time!

In homage to one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Steve Pavlina, I have compiled, designed and edited some of his best uncopyrighted articles into the book On Purpose: Progress, Passion & Prosperity Through Conscious Productivity

I even designed the book with a little larger print so you can easily read it while traveling!


Make progress in doing what you love

Become conscious of your time habits

Learn how to be truly effective

Support your passion

Take control of your life’s work

Steve Pavlina is one of the most popular & influential self-development writers today. Author of the blog, Personal Development for Smart People at StevePavlina.com, Steve touches the lives of countless people with thousands of articles getting millions of page views each month.

In this book you will find a valuable set of some of Steve’s best articles to help you on your way towards living a life of purpose, through the use of conscious productivity tips, so you can start achieving your life’s goals NOW.

This isn’t just a book about time management – it is a how-to-guide for being an effective, conscious and aware human being.