Community Spirit & The Power of Group Practice

“Community is the new currency” – Steve Gold


So I just got back from the California Spirit Festival.

This inagural event in the beautiful Masonic Temple in dowtown Sacramento was full of the most amazing people.

I danced  along side 5Rhythms teachers Douglas Drummond from San Francisco, and the most fabulous Bella Dreizler from Sacramento, while being led through the waves by 5 Rhythms teacher Amber Ryan  from Costa Rica.

Diana Vitantonio guided us with a gentle heart through a powerful Vinyasa class, accompanied by the live music of Girish and his band.

Then I danced and jumped the evening away to Mc Yogi.

This is just 3 of the 45 different classes that were available during the weekend.

My favorite part of the experience was deeply personal. Everywhere I looked were friends, many design clients & colleagues I have worked with throughout the years, past yoga students, incredible teachers in the fields of yoga, music, meditation and dance, and a ton of new, friendly faces. Every single one of them joyously connecting together. One moment I would walk into a room and run into Les Leventhal who I finally got a chance to thank for his recommendation that I get a scooter for the month I was in Bali when I ran into him at Michael Franti’s Soulshine Retreat Center back in September of 2011. The next moment I would turn a corner and run into Dr. Yogi and Sat Rattan Kaur, my Kundalini Yoga teacher trainers.

Among all this excitement was something else very interesting going on: Sacramento area yoga studios setting aside any idea of competition and integrating together into a united whole for the betterment of the  yoga community at large.

I also happen to know very intimately how much work it took by the team of people laboring out of love to make this festival a reality.

The energy around this group manifestation seeped right into my being. I realized how important it is for me to stay connected to community. I spend a lot of time working from home and practicing yoga in my living room, which is great, but there is a greater power in the energy of groups reaching towards a goal.

Working with the California Spirit Festival team to support them in producing the event led to a ton of growth in communication and time management. There were many people relying on me and many people I was relying on. In the same way, the dynamic of a group yoga class can give you that extra energy and focus to be fully present.

I worked. I played. I practiced yoga. I danced completely. I hugged A LOT of people. I even got some new design clients! For me, California Spirit Festival was a huge success, and I look forward to connecting even more at the event next year…and everyday!

What is even more amazing to me is all the incoming remarks from the participants and how transformative the experience was for them. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to help others create a space that supported so many people in their growth and wellness!

Get out there and connect with your people! Amazing things can happen!

P.S. You can find me all in black just behind Diana at the start of this video!

The Wandering Yogi