Compassion at Work

I invite you to practice compassion today. Towards your co-workers, your staff, and your managers.

Whenever we experience problems at work, we often point to someone else as the source. Yet as much as another other person might not be doing their job, is treating us disrespectfully, or is just plain behaving in a way we do not understand or agree with, the only thing we can really change is ourselves.

In any work environment there is a finite amount of resources with many people seeking to establish and protect their professional identity. Because of these things, it is easy to loose sight of compassion at work.

It is not uncommon to view our struggling co-worker, our manager with a different communication style than our own, or the person down the hall with radically different cultural perspectives, as being a threat to our resources and identity.

Instead, I invite your to practice compassion today by recognizing the fragility of the human experience we all share regardless of our differences.

By refraining from gossip.

By challenging your assumptions.

By reaching out.

The Wandering Yogi