Does Your Website Meet the Needs of Your Target Markets?

Below is a letter I just sent out to my web design clients. If you are a yoga teacher, yoga studio owner or entrepreneur of any sort, I invite you to read this carefully to ensure that you are reaching your target market via your most powerful and important marketing vehicle…your website!


Dear Valued Clients,
While in Bali I have been taking the opportunity to expand my knowledge base to better serve you. There are so many aspects to designing a great website, that have nothing to do with design, in order to convert the website viewers into paying clients. One thing I would like to talk with you about today is the usability and clarity of your website. Does your website actually answer the questions and touch upon the needs of your consumers and is that information clearly accessible?

The first question, of course, is: Who are your consumers?

At the basic level every website is going to need to be geared towards two types of consumers. Potential consumers and current consumers.

Most of you can start to break this down further as many of you will have different categories of consumers.

An example: Let’s say you are a well known yoga teacher who runs their own workshops and retreats as well as running them in collaboration with other Yoga Studios. You are going to have 4 mains types of consumers coming to your website.

1. Individual Consumers who know who you are, are already interested, but have not spent money towards your services.

2. Individual  Consumers who know who you are and are already spending money towards your services.

3. Individual Consumers who do not know who you are and are searching around for services that meet their needs.

4. Studio owner/manager consumers who know who you are, who either A. Are looking to reach out to you or B. Who you are looking to reach out to in order to form a partnership with your mutually beneficial services.

You will want to make sure that your website is meeting the needs of all of these current and potential consumers. What kinds of questions would each of these consumers want to have answered by coming to your website?

You can even look at your consumers and break them down into further categories.

Let’s say you are an Investment Consultant.

What are the demographics of your different types of consumers? What are there age ranges, what are their incomes, what are their interests, etc.

Is your website catering to their specific needs and questions? A 65 year old, long time investor, in active retirement, is going to have different needs, questions and concerns than the 40 year old who has never invested and is looking to start safeguarding their retirement for the future.

I invite you to take the time to think about your different types of consumers, to categorize them based on averages and to consider their unique demographics. Consider what types of information they may be searching for on your site and then look at your website and check to see if your content is meeting the needs of your various consumers. Next we can go through, whenever you are ready, and make adjustments to your site to ensure that the organization and content of the site is designed in such a way that your unique consumers will be able to easily access the information they are seeking, which will in turn bring them closer to conversion (i.e.: paying you money for your services). Even if we do not make changes to your website right away, the process of quantifying your consumers will greatly help you in any other future marketing endeavors, as well as help you gain clarity in your business direction. This is also an opportunity to start making decisions on the types of consumers you would like to attract. So, first do the process for who your actual consumers are currently, and then do the process for the types of consumers you want.

Most importantly: Does your website clearly define why your consumer needs your services or products in such a way that it reaches them at the level of their “gut instincts?” We’ll, talk about this at a later date.

If you are struggling with any of this, please feel free to call me and I can consult with you (per my standard hourly fee) to help you gain some clarity.

I hope this helps you in your business goals, so that you may continue to thrive in your life’s work.

Stacy Hayden

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