How to NOT Travel Like a Yogi

A very Louisiana vacation, April, 2013 …

Have your travelling companion carry your bag because your endurance is diminished…probably from the two screwdrivers you drank on the plane.


Walk around the French Quarter in a thunderstorm early in the morning till you find a place that is open for a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. Do the very same thing again later that day.


Drink a bunch of beer on your private balcony while talking about the meaning of life until the rain stops.


Bourbon Street. “It is what it is.” Nuff said.


Work at coffee shop while on vacation, but make up for it by working with a 9am screwdriver and a 2000 calorie breakfast. Then go next door and get a foot massage.


Speaking of food. Eat A LOT of fried food. Seriously, everyday. A lot.


…from restaurants that have kitchens like this. (at Coop’s Place)


Steal a rock from Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District.


Eat more fried food. (at Joey K’s)


Drink too many expensive tequilas (white tequila on the rocks with lime) at Fritzel’s jazz club.


Disrupt wildlife in their natural habitat out on the bayou.


Have a 4 hour champagne picnic by yourself (and 2 bottles) on an old plantation property in St, Francisville.


Take this picture and then look down at the garden snake by your foot. Totally over react by screaming and running away.


Go to Wal Mart in New Roads (aka the middle of nowhere along the Mississippi river and some oil refineries) because your travelling companion wants to buy a new wireless router for the plantation house you are staying at…which you then install…slightly grudgingly, because you ate some really bad mexican food in New Roads and kinda just want to lay down on the 150 year old bed to watch Game of Thrones before going to sleep.


The next morning you sit on the porch while doing absolutely nothing except relishing in the fact that someone served you coffee…in the quaintest way ever.


Then do more of nothing. With your feet up. Because you can.


Special shout out to the Olivier House where I stayed in New Orleans and the Cottage Plantation where I stayed in St. Francisville. My stay at both of these places was exactly what I was hoping for and more!


The Wandering Yogi