I Know I Am But What Are You? Writing an I AM Statement

Last year in Sukhbir Kaur’s 40 Day Transformation training she asked us to write an “I am” statement. Most of us in the training started out with the usual labels: I am a mother, I am a yoga teacher, I am a woman, I am a husband, I am a son, etc. Then, we were asked to go deeper and to start thinking more expansively about who we wanted to be, what we wanted to do and how we wanted to feel in all areas of our existence. After looking at it again today, even though there are many things I could add and expand upon, I find it to still be incredibly pertinent on my path and something I am actively working towards.

Here is my “I am statement.” It is my hope that it offers you inspiration for writing your own. THINK EXPANSIVE.

Updated 8/5/11

I am… a human being, a being of strength, grace, power and light which shines through in both my presence and reputation.

I am… healthy, energetic and long living.

I am… a teacher, a student, a healer and a giver.

I am… an expansive and creative thinker, continuously coming up with ideas for solutions and growth which I can use to earn money as well as to give back in service.

I am… an effective leader and powerful supporter. People seek me out to spread important messages to others.

I am… practicing yoga and meditation daily.

I am… a  teacher who uplifts and inspires others all over the world.

I am… a person who people feel instantly comfortable and relaxed with. My presence is open and welcomeing which allows people to let down their guard and be open and honest with me. I greet and leave people with hugs, keep eye contact, listen intently and share upliftment.

I am… an inspiration to others. People seek me out for wisdom that will support their life.

I am… able to easily make friends and surround myself with people whose friendship is mutually supportive.

I am… a person who earns $20,000 plus a month doing only the things I enjoy the most while reliable people support me by doing the things I need done that I do not choose to handle myself and are they are compensated well in pay, time flexibility, opportunity, along with emotional, mental and spiritual fullfillment.

I am… debt free and save 15% of my income.

I am… the most reliable person people know. I do what I say I am going to do by the time I say I am going to do it and be where I say I am going to be, when I say I am going to be there.

I am… a sought after designer.

I am… an artist and a poet.

I am… a motivating and inspiring writer and public speaker.

I am… an entrepreneur and business partner helping to start and grow successful businesses which support people and the environment for a greater good.

I am… a generous philanthropist, activist and advocate for human rights and environmental sustainability.

I am… able to spend my time and money freely as I choose as my income is not based off of the amount of time I work and what I want to do with my time is not limited by how much money I make.

I am… a world traveler, often spending months living and working with friends and family in other countries such as Italy, Baja, France and Bali.

I am… an effective and uplifting communicator in any type of situation. I am able to listen intently with an open mind and heart. I am not swayed by critisism, no do I rely on praise for my confidence. My words are so clear and well understood with a noticeable kindness that people always react positively when I speak.

I am… a person who money comes to easily and I often get paid large sums of money for my insights and ideas.

I am… surrounded by amazing and supportive people who love me unconditionally and desire that I succeed.

I am… emotionally stable and able to make concsious choices versus being reactive to others negativity as well as experiences from my own past.

I am… always having fun. Everything I do brings me pleasure and enjoyment.

I am… a consumer of highly nutritious and delicious food that is cultivated sustainably.

I am… calm and relaxed even during times of great challenge.

I am… dancing and singing freely.

I am… a sound sleeper, waking up rested and ready every morning.

I am… able to give and receive love and intimacy from all of the people who are apart of my life.

I am… fulfilled in my relationship. I share the same values, interests and motivations as my partner while also enjoying autonomy. We love each other more than we ever thought we could love another and are capable of fulfilling each others intellectual, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual needs in such a way that honors our differences as well as similarities.

I am… comfortable and joyful in social situations. I am able to bring value to and enjoy the company of many different groups while maintaining a strong sense of self.

I am… confident in the beauty of my body. My skin is radiant and resiliant. My body stays at it’s optimum weight. My muscles are strong and flexible . I am pain free. I can perform any physical exercise I choose with minimal practice and I get healthier as I age. When people see me after longer periods of time they notice that I look better than the last time they saw me.

I am… a loving and supportive parent who meets the needs of my child throughout out his long and happy life. I am raising a son with high values and all the skills he needs to live his best life.

I am… in a heightened state of intention and awareness.

I am I am.

And you?

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The Wandering Yogi