Life Design & Location Independence


What is life design?

Life design is about being in the driver’s seat of your own life. It is about looking at the way you do everything, deciding what is most important to you and taking action. Life design and yoga are such a great complement to each other. When I am teaching yoga I often remind my students that they are not their body and mind. That the body and mind are tools in which you can master. In fact they are tools in which you can design through activity and learning!

We shape our life everyday with unconscious patterns of reactive thoughts, emotions and behavior. The practice of yoga teaches us how to be aware of our reactions on the mat, because how we react to challenges on the mat is the same way we react to challenges in life. Through this process of awareness we can begin to shed light on what is holding us back from being a person who really experiences a sense of freedom and the ability to live life to it’s fullest. Once we become aware then we are able to begin break the patterns of behavior and thinking that bind us to unhappiness through diligent and specific efforts.

Life design is just like your yoga practice…but off the mat!

Everything is fair game in life design.

How you work.
How you interact with others.
The way you spend your time.
Where you live.

The question really is:
What do you want to experience in life and how do you want to experience it?
What does your ideal life look like? Sound like? Taste like? FEEL like?

But just wanting something is not enough. We not only have to go after it, we have to be willing to root out and let go of all of those thoughts that hinder us:

“I don’t have enough time”
“I don’t have enough money”
“I don’t know enough”
“I am not experienced enough”

If you are still letting those thoughts make your decisions for you than you won’t be designing anything!

All of those thoughts shape your reality every moment of every day.

So just start where you are and do what you can. Try having fun with change and challenges! You will find through the act of practice that those limiting thoughts will start to give way, but you HAVE to start from WHEREVER you are to reach your goals. This is the same for the new yoga student dropping into their first yoga class or for the the entrepreneur ready to build their first business. The tools and knowledge are out there waiting for you, it is time to start practicing them. RIGHT NOW.


Resources for Life Design and Location Independence:

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Learn a New Skill for Location Independent Work has a massive library of high quality, training videos about design software and theory, web development, video, photography, audio and other media arts and business.  I spend more time on this site than any other website, as it has made me THOUSANDS of dollars. Seriously. You can get an entire, customized, education in topics that you can put into immediate action allowing you to work from anywhere.
Get a 7 day free trial of


The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

You could probably start and end with this book and be good to go in just about any endeavor. Infact I would start with this book before you do anything at all really…

Law of Success Napoleon Hill Free PDF


Best Life Design Blogs  and Location Independent Life Style Blogs:

The Four Hour Work Week Blog by Tim Ferris / Buy the Book

Zen Habits Blog by Leo Babauta / Buy the book The Power of Less

Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina / Buy the Book

Location 180 by Sean Ogle – I like Sean as he is closer to the “starting out” phase than others so it is helpful to read his practical advice and struggles. He doesn’t feed you any B.S.! These days he is the first blog I go to when I sit down to read my favorite bloggers!

Almost Fearless – Christine and Drew are my newest location independent heros… (Also a  great example of living the dream of location independence with a young child) They have some really top notch products. I have to say it is hard for me not to want them all! Enjoy this one for FREE: 30 Ways in 30 Days to Redesign Your Life and Travel the World

Location Independent – My location independent heros traveling the world as a family.

Man vs Debt – Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love. (A great example of living the dream of location independence with a young child)

A Little Adrift – Wonderul travel blog with lots of practical insight and entertaining stories

Corbett Barr – Encouragement and Know-how for Adventurous Entrepreneurs

Becoming Minimalist  – Own Less, Live More

Nomadic Matt – Tons of great travel tips!


Time Management/Productivity:

Learn more about the book On Purpose: Progress, Passion and Prosperity Through Conscious Productivity by Steve Pavlina (Compiled, edited and designed by The Wandering Yogi!)

One Page Project Manager / Buy the Book


Travel Sites:

Kayak My favorite search site for airfare. Search for flights anywhere, anytime and easily compare.

I LOVE being in hotels. If I am staying in a hotel you will find me roaming around enjoying every aspect of it that I can. However, I am much more interested in traveling for the sake of connecting with new people and experiences and this is my go to site whenever I am looking for an interesting place to stay. A teepee in the middle of San Francisco, a designer’s loft, a castle, a boat, a backyard retreat…stay in unique locations with interesting people!

This site offers cool ways to travel & experience another culture. Also, just reading through the listings of people looking for live/work help for their properties are incredibly inspiring. I’m particularly enthralled with the people living/working in the countrysides of France & Italy who are being creative, running businesses, living off the land sustainably, raising families and sharing it with others.


Language Learning:

Rocket Languages – Spanish

Benny the Irish Polyglot Blog  / Buy the Language Hacking Guide


For Yoga Teachers or Those Wishing to Be

Become a yoga teacher from anywhere in the world

Free video course on setting up your yoga website