Never Miss an Opportunity, When Opportunity Knocks on Your Door

The Wanderlust Festival was amazing! I should tell you that I worked there managing the Meditation Dome, so I really didn’t participate in any of the yoga classes going on. However I did get to see and hear some of the teachers such as Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, and my new friends at the Expanding Light Ananda Retreat Center and those passing moments were such a transformative and inspiring experience!
I did get to go experience some really great music performances. The Wailers put on a great show. Mc Yogi’s uplifting music teared me up a bit even while I was dancing my booty off and Michael Franti, who I have seen in concert numerous times, was the best ever!
For me, working at the Wanderlust Festival, feels the same at participating in intense yoga teacher trainings or yoga retreats. Both leave me feeling rather broken by the end of the experience, and yet, I feel somehow better for it. In these kinds of experience I always learn a lot about what I am really capable of. I walk away with my self-imposed limitations minimized. I feel more energized, stronger and wiser for the experiences, as I know that I am capable of putting forth more energy than I ever thought possible!
But what I really learned this year, and what I want to share with you, is how to be ready for opportunities when they present themselves to you.

Recently, I have been reading Napoleon Hill’s books “Think and Grow Rich” as well as his course the “Law of Success.” From reading these I have started working on my Definite Chief Aim in life and have even found a friend who is reading and working on the same who has become apart of my Master Mind Alliance.

Before I left for the Wanderlust Festival, my Master Mind Alliance friend sent me an email inspiring me to set big intentions for my Wanderlust Festival experience before I left. I wrote back to him about something that had been on my mind, which was getting an opportunity to run into Michael Franti and doing a short video interview with him about his experience practicing yoga while he travels on tour, so I could share his words and thoughts with you here at The Yoga of Travel. A few months ago this very same friend had actually lent me a video camera that I could use for this site and other endeavors. I was ready should the opportunity present itself!

On Friday, I had just gotten off of my shift at the festival and left the yoga production office to make my way to the staff dining hall. I was quickly coming out of a passage way into one of the main vendor areas of the festival when BAM, I literally almost ran into Michael Franti. In fact I only missed him by a foot or two! There he was…just cruising around in a relaxed manner looking at vendor tables. I happen to know from others that Michael Franti is very approachable. I had set my intention before I left for the festival and sure enough the universe conspired to give me the very opportunity I desired.

So did I get the video interview to share with you? Nope. The universe was there for me, however I did not follow through on my end as I LEFT MY VIDEO CAMERA AT HOME! I was not ready to accept and grab the opportunity in front of me because I was unprepared! I wish I could tell you that I simply forgot it. However, the truth is for several days before I left I kept reminding myself to pull the video camera out and get it ready, but in the end I listened to the negative voice in the back of my head that said, “Why bother? The chances of running into Michael Franti at a good time to do a quick interview is slim to none!”

Lesson learned.

This is actually the second time this year that I have set my intention on something big and sure enough the opportunity arose, and yet I was unprepared for it.  I won’t get into what the other request to the universe was, as I am still preparing for it even though it has already shown up. I promise to get back to you on the matter another time (Oh the mystery! I guess you will just have to keep coming back here to find out!)

Intentions are so powerful, and we also have to be ready and prepared when the opportunities actually arise if we want to grab a hold of them. Opportunities are constantly knocking on the door. The question is, “Are you present to answer?”

This post is dedicated to my Master Mind Alliance friend Scott McKinnon. If you ever need some beautiful screen printing work or other promotional materials you can contact him at his business Creative Impressions 916-454-2432.. Tell him Stacy sent you!

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