Not Enough Time for Yoga? Not Enough Time for Travel?

I don’t have enough time to practice yoga!

I don’t have enough time for travel!


Sound like you?

I used to feel the same way. Then one day I read the book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and all of my ideas about how I was using my time were thrown out the door! I began to read more and more about time management, effectiveness and productivity and it changed the way that I did everything. Instead of time being something that was difficult to manage or something that was managing me,  it started to become a valuable playing piece in a fun game of life. I learned that it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time, but that I didn’t know how to use my time wisely. Most importantly, I learned that I didn’t know what I actually wanted to be doing with my time, so it just got lost in activities that I didn’t care about and that weren’t fulfilling.

Now I know that I DO have the time to do what I love to do…and so do YOU! You just need the knowledge about how to manage your time and how to discover the ways in which you really want to be spending your time!

In homage to one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Steve Pavlina, I have compiled, designed and edited some of his best uncopyrighted articles into the book On Purpose: Progress, Passion & Prosperity Through Conscious Productivity

I even designed the book with a little larger print so you can easily read it while traveling!


Make progress in doing what you love

Become conscious of your time habits

Learn how to be truly effective

Support your passion

Take control of your life’s work

Steve Pavlina is one of the most popular & influential self-development writers today. Author of the blog, Personal Development for Smart People at StevePavlina.com, Steve touches the lives of countless people with thousands of articles getting millions of page views each month.

In this book you will find a valuable set of some of Steve’s best articles to help you on your way towards living a life of purpose, through the use of conscious productivity tips, so you can start achieving your life’s goals NOW.

This isn’t just a book about time management – it is a how-to-guide for being an effective, conscious and aware human being.

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