Prosperity vs Poverty Mentality and The Make You or Break You Client

What is poverty mentality?

“I don’t have enough money.”

 “I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t have enough energy.”
Kundalini yoga often deals with such topics as prosperity, abundance, projection and protection and has helped me bring awareness to my poverty mentality. Through this awareness I have been able to begin to overcome it. For me, one aspect of this process is to not just take on any client. I have been working on being conscious of who I take into my business, because clients have a huge impact on time, money AND energy! These days I look for 4 key qualities in a new client: 1. They have a prosperity mentality 2. They respect ideas, processes and time. 3.  They show they are ready for growth and change by intelligently working toward whatever their version of success and happiness is. 4. They fit in with my goals. For instance I only accept clients that allow me to be location independent.
When a potential client, who I spoke with over 6 months ago, emailed me on a Friday evening with URGENT in the subject line and asked me if I can meet with them and help them get a website up THAT WEEKEND because the one they built themselves just expired, the answer was – no. 

In the past I would have picked up this kind of reckless work out of desperation. Simply because it was there and gave me a short sighted sense of financial security. It would have been a fear based decision. 

Then it would have sucked the life right out of me.
Now I know, that not only do I  have the freedom to choose, but by choosing thoughtfully it is much more likely that a greater outcome will occur for both myself and my clients.  

My approach to building a client base is incredibly different today than it was when I first started.

For one, I no longer market. In fact, I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t even have a website up for my web design services anymore! Now I focus solely on my current client’s needs.

I give them everything I can (with certain understandings set in place). They know that I care very much about their work, as well as my own. They know that when I offer something new to them, that it is something I truly know will support them. And they know that I will be there for them in a consistent and timely manner with a positive attitude.  

There are three keys to success:  Expertise, enthusiasm and reliability.

Expertise means I have the capability to meet my clients needs. Are there other people that have more expertise than me? Sure. A lot, in fact, but I always make sure that my skill level, ability to quickly learn a new skill or my ability to delegate out accordingly, is in line with my clients needs. My clients don’t care if I am the greatest designer in the world as long as I can produce what they are looking for and what will help support them.

Enthusiasm is being excited about what you are doing. When you have enthusiasm for something, you have more energy to accomplish the goal. You are also more likely to continue to learn and to put in the extra effort to really create something special. Enthusiasm shines through and your clients will pick up on that energy.

You  can have all of the experience and enthusiasm in the world, but if you are unreliable, you are doomed. However, what you may lack in both enthusiasm and expertise, you can absolutely make up for in reliability!

Focusing these three keys on my current clients allows for several things to occur:

They stay with me long term, so my income is stable.

Their prosperity grows, which means as they send more work and I earn higher rates and percentages, my prosperity grows as well.

And one of the most important things to occur is that they refer new clients to me.

Once they refer a client to me, instead of immediately taking on that client, I take the time to ask them questions about their business, purpose, direction and budget. Then I spend some time in introspection and decide if they are a client I actually want to have.

Does the client enjoy what they do?

Am I interested in their work?

Are they offering something to better humanity? Even if it just means they do business in a conscious manner.

Are they kind, personable and communicate clearly?

Are they focused or scattered all over the place?

Do they know what they want?

Do they have an attitude of abundance or are they always looking for a deal from me or express concern about lack of money?

Asking these questions has helped me grow a client base that I truly enjoy working with and who support my purpose.

There are times, of course, when things may change – just like any relationship. Though commitment is important to me, it is not important at any cost. There have been times when I have had to bring a bout an exit from a client relationship. I have consciously let go of potential clients and clients I was in an on going, working relationship with. One of two things always happen. They either go about their way and I am freed up to continue on in joyous prosperity or they actively change their ways and come back as a star client! I have to say, I am amazed at how often the second one happens! Either way it is a win/win for all parties involved in my business.

Before you can begin to put any of this into practice, I highly recommend you take the time to sit down and meditate on your own poverty mentality that may be lurking in the unconscious depths of your mind.

In what ways do you feel you are not good enough?

In what ways do you feel that you are lacking?

What are your views on money, time and energy in relation to yourself and others?

What were the model ideas around money, time and energy that you grew up with?

What is one thing you can implement right now to be more experienced, enthusiastic or reliable?

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The Wandering Yogi