Rebel with a Cause – Stop Being a People Pleaser

 Hey you! Yeah you! The person sitting there in your cubicle hating your boss or sitting on your couch crying over your relationship while you read this blog and dream of a better day. 

You rock! 

Seriously, I mean it. You have spent all these years languishing in a life you don’t want. That takes some major resolve to deal with the debilitating misery and boredom of your life. I commend you. You’ve got some big time willpower. 

Crazy huh? I bet you thought you didn’t have willpower, didn’t you? 

Now that your eyes have been open, for god’s sake, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN LIFE THAT YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO PLEASE YOUR: 


Conservative best friend from childhood…. (wait…what? LOVE YOOOU!)



Significant other. 

Etc. etc. etc…. (yawn…) 

Why are you doing this to yourself? 

FYI 1: Catering to the whims of what other people think you should be doing with your life does not make them happy.

FYI 2: People will approve and disaprove of you no matter what you are doing. 

FYI 3: YOU can totally be happy and successful even if you are totally not at this moment. 

FYI 4: If you think your life kinda sucks, I promise that the stress of changing it is way better than what you are doing now.

FYI 5: Relax man, most things are not a big deal. Take a deep breath. Shit passes (heh). 

FYI 7 (cause 6 is lame and I wanted to get to 10 FYI’s): You absolutely can make a living doing what you want. The internet is pretty awesome. You can learn anything. Stop making excuses. 

FYI 8: It IS better to be alone than to be in an unhappy relationship. Great things can happen when you are alone. Relationships that don’t coincide with who you are and what you want, drain all your energy until you’re dead. 

FYI 9: The fear of loosing everything is pretty scary (being a fear and all). Actually loosing everything (ok maybe not EVERYTHING) can be one of the greatest gifts you may ever experience in life. 

FYI 10 (whew…I made it): People who try and make you feel like you shouldn’t start your own business, travel the world, or whatever that thing is that you want to do, are INSANELY jealous of your verve. Nothing more.

I would apologize for sounding a little brash, being that this is a yoga blog (partially) and therefore I **SHOULD** be using a higher vibration of conscious communication, right? Whatever. I am who I am. You are who you are. And sometimes you just gotta be set straight about the fact that you are perfectly set crooked. Embrace it, get out there and live your own damn life on your own damn terms. THEN maybe you can start thinking about how you are going to truly and deeply affect others in a positive way.

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The Wandering Yogi