Serving Humanity for the Sake of Service While Being Supported by the Universe

Below is an email I sent last week to Steve Pavlina, the uber blogger for “Personal Development for Smart People,” in response to his article Waking Up.

- The Wandering Yogi


Dear Steve,

Your recent post about Waking Up and being of service to humanity really hit home for me as a yoga teacher. I also think it is so inspiring that you decided to remove the copyrights from your work to share with the world. That is pure love and trust in abundance at it’s finest! 

After reading your blog I laid down on my bed and thought about the ways in which I was not feeling supported by the universe and the ways in which I could be of support more. 

I teach yoga 2 plus times a week and get paid $30 per class, regardless of how many students are in there. There have been times when the studio is full of students and times when it is not. Every time I sit down to teach a class I see how many students are there and I crunch numbers. When things are slow I think to myself “oh good” there are 8 students today”…or “oh no, there are only 3″ and when the studio is busy, the same thing occurs “oh good” there are 22 students today”…or “oh no, there are only 15″ The moment I sit down and crunch those numbers in my head and place a value on my self as a teacher based off of those numbers, is the moment I completely loose touch with my whole reason for being there…to serve the growth of humanity.

So I made the decision to stop teaching these classes for money. Though I am loosing a stable percentage of my income, I am not concerned about lack of prosperity. I know how much I am supported when I am in service. I have experienced that time and time again. I am greatly looking forward to sitting down to teach today for the SOLE purpose of raising consciousness.

Thank you for all of you work.

– Stacy Hayden (The Wandering Yogi)


After I made this decision I contacted the owner of the studio and  let her know that I am releasing my teacher’s pay back into the universe. It felt great. When I went in to teach the next day I explained to the students what I was doing and why.  I let them know that I had been doing them a disservice by crunching numbers before class and either feeling relieved at the numbers or guilty because of the lack. I explained to them that often because of the financial aspect of being a teacher I would end up not only catering to my ego, but catering to theirs as well. I would be “customer service” sweet when what they really needed was a compassionate kick in the ass, I would cut times on exercises so as to not overload them so they would not get frustrated and would keep coming back versus really giving them the space to have a true experience…the list goes on.

About 3 days later the fear kicked in. Holy crap…I just lost $270 plus a month! Why did I do that? But then I remembered all of the roller coaster feelings that I had wrapped up in being a teacher for my income and it feels refreshing to be released of them. I feel better AND I am supporting the growth of humanity. Can’t beat that!

A few days later I realized another wonderful outcome of this decision. One of my biggest goals is to be “location independent.”  To have a home but to be able to work from anywhere that I want, whenever I want to. One of the things that was stopping me from taking the next big leap is that I would loose a portion of my relied upon income while I was away because it was still attached to my teaching on location. So though I no longer have that particular  income, all of my income now is totally location independent! I just bought myself freedom for a mere $270 a month. Last year…a couple of months ago even, $270 a month felt like everything. Now I have the physical and emotional freedom to replace that money in a way that is more supportive of my life design.


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The Wandering Yogi