The Long Road to Overnight Success

I am living the dream. I am in Ubud, Bali for a month and half working as a yoga teacher and running my location independent design business from Soulshine a lush tropical retreat center owned my Michael Franti.

Before I left and since I have been here, I have been asked the same question numerous times. “WOW that is so cool, how are you able to do that?” (or some version of that!)

In short…I asked. Really nicely.

I learned about the Soulshine Yoga Retreat Center from a postcard I happened upon while at the Wanderlust Festival, and I reminded myself to check it out once I got home. I went to the Soulshine website right after writing my blog about how to not miss opportunities and sent an email to Soulshine. I introduced myself and my skills, and asked if they needed any on or off location help in design, web deveopment or yoga. I got a short email back saying that if I could get myself to Bali, they had a teaching opportunity. Simple as that.

But this is of course not a complete story.

The fact is I have spent 6 years designing my life in such a way that I could work doing yoga and web development from anywhere that I wanted. 6 years. Now I have a thriving design and marketing business, enough yoga experience and a reputation of reliability to be a valuable assest to any business. I would not have been able to do what I am doing if I hadn’t put in the time, effort and long term commitment. Not to mention the support I have received from the countless people who have helped me get to where I am today.

I think we often see people doing the things we want to do and it seems like their dreams happened for them out of the blue, we don’t think of the years of struggle it took for them to get there. The same goes for the yogini you see in that crazy yoga pose and the lifestyle design blogger who quit his job and travels around the world writing about quitting his job and traveling around the world. When you are first starting out on your path you may think you can’t be like them because you can barely reach down and touch your toes or because you have no idea how to set up Wordpress. It all seems so distant and impossible that you may not ever start. But if you really want it…just start. Start and don’t give up. When it gets really hard, keep on going. Just know that it will be a struggle, it may (and most likely) will get worse before it gets better. You may experience more pain before you have a breakthrough in your yoga practice, and you will probably end up broke for a while before you make any sustainable money at your business.

Then one day you just may wake up and find yourself teaching yoga and writing a blog in Bali (or whatever). Everyone around you will think you work magic and even after all that time and all that struggle you yourself may feel like you have achieved overnight success.

Know this too…once you achieve your success, you will still struggle. Nothing in life is all diamonds and margaritas on the beach. Even here, in my magical dreamland, I am fighting off insects and heat rash, Bali dogs and terrible traffic, as well as the need to keep my clients happy and aquire new ones. There are still bills to pay and emails to check.

But for now I am going to take a late night swim in the infinity pool I am sitting next to.

Selamat malam.

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