The Practice Is Not About NOT Falling

There is no magical spiritual pill that eliminates thoughts, emotions and suffering. Thoughts come and go. Emotions come and go. We grow old, we get sick, relationships change, people die. When we try to seperate these things out out from our spiritual-human condition and lable them as bad, we are turning our back to the waves only to be smashed against the shore. That too is fine. Simply stand up from the shore. Then turn around and face the waves and watch them come and go. And when they smash you to the shore again, simply stand up from the shore. Only when we are fully aware of this process does compassion arise. Does grace arise. Does truth arise. Then we can stand up from the sky.


This post was inspired by a Dharma talk given by Steve Weintraub on Sunday, November 25,  2012 Check it out! 

The San Francisco Zen Center post all of their amazing collection of Dharma talks here. What a gift!

The Wandering Yogi