The Secret to Successful Blogging

I am going to tell you a little secret…

In the short 4 1/2 months that I have had this blog up and running, it has helped me earn THOUSANDS of dollars (well over $6 grand in fact) in cash and experiences.  This is more than I  dreamed would have come from this adventure (well, exactly what I dreamed of, I just didn’t think it would happen so fast!) And this is just the START!

Is my feeling of success because of my mad, passive income generating skills through affiliate marketing and e-book sales, which I had originally intended? Not at all! I mean, seriously, not at all…

By sharing this blog with yoga students and teachers, as well as others in the industry, I have received more opportunities for teaching yoga as well as designing, search engine optimizing and marketing for yoga teachers and studios. It has also allowed me a way to give value and create trust with my yoga students, many of whom I am creating much deeper and longer lasting relationships with.

By sharing this blog with my design/web/business clients, I have given them valuable information which has supported their business, thus generating more, higher paid work for myself. 

My friends and acquaintances who have enjoyed this blog have shared it with others who in turn have contacted me to do business with them.

This blog has also done some other very important things for me.

It has helped me become clearer about my own goals, needs and wants in life and business.

Also, all the things I have learned from reading other bloggers, in order to learn how to become a successful location independent, blogging entrepreneur (including tapping into and putting into use the resources they use, such as Lynda.com for example),  has exponentially grown my skill set and knowledge base in a very short time.

These two things in particular will continue to have long term and far reaching effects on my overall prosperity.

Do you want to be more successful in whatever it is you are doing? Start blogging. Start out with an idea that will benefit others, be flexible as things change and see where it takes YOU!

If you are concerned that you are not a good writer, well…neither am I! But I get a little better with practice, which is just one more form of value I have received from this blog.

Start where you are and keep going.

The Wandering Yogi

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