The “Third Option”

A friend and I have been having a discussion this week regarding the concept we like to call the “Third Option.”

When we are faced with problems or challenges we explore a couple of options for the best solution. We explore the obvious options. However, quite often, none of the options we see before us really feel like the “best” option.

Then there is the “Third Option.” The “Third Option” is all of the options that lie just outside of our immediate knowledge, experiences, and awareness. Unlike the two choices of Robert Frost, the “Third Option” is not the road well-trod, nor is it the road less taken – it is all of the roads that have yet to be forged, hidden just behind the brush. The “Third Option” is where exploration, creativity, and critical thinking collide.

Today I invite you to seek out the “Third Option.”

* See Robert Frost reference

The Wandering Yogi