Why Practice Yoga?

Most people hear the word yoga and think about flexibility, strength, crazy postures, physical health, etc. These are all a part of yoga of course, but for me, yoga has always been about cultivating awareness on the yoga mat so I can learn how to be more aware when I leave the yoga mat. I don’t practice yoga to have flexible hamstrings (well sometimes I do and it’s certainly a great benefit), I practice yoga so that I can live the best life that I can. When I think about yoga, I think about things like prosperity as the flow of energy. I think about communication and our relationship to ourselves and those around us. I think about moving beyond preconceived limitations of all kinds – not just the physical. Yoga teaches me to how to be aware of my patterns of reactivity so I can make conscious choices. It teaches me to be emotionally stable. It teaches me to be present

Through yoga I have learned how to speak my voice, project my needs and wants, to listen better, to be more compassionate (even towards myself!), to dance and sing more, to be of service to others, to laugh with my whole being, to rest more completely in order facilitate healing, to be more conscious of what I put inside my body, to be true to my word, to have dedication and commitment and to let go of that which does not serve the greater betterment of myself and others. 

Yoga has helped me become a better mother, a better entrepreneur, a better friend and a better partner. 

Yoga has taught me that I am enough.

There are many things I still struggle with in life and I see nothing wrong with that. What I do know is that due to my yoga practice I am happier, healthier, doing what I love to do with more energy to do it, all while having more fun as I take a few spins on this Earth! 

Though I have and do practice many forms of yoga and meditation, my highest form of yoga practice has been teaching yoga. Aside from being a mother, no other practice has helped me be as accountable for my words and actions. Through the years I have had the great opportunity of uplifting others. Sometimes those people are yoga students and sometimes they are friends and family who start practicing yoga on their own. Sometimes it is a simple moment when I inspire others in some other way.

Even if you practice yoga solely for your own benefit, all beings around you gain the benefit. One thing that we sometimes do not realize is just how much affect we have on other people. 

I think we have all experienced a moment when a loved one, or even someone we don’t know, walks into a room feeling angry, sad or stressed out. With out them having to say a single word, we can tell, we can feel it and immediately our own physiology starts to change and vibrate with them. That is how much power we have over each other. So do you want to be the person that walks into a room and powers people down or do you want to be the person who walks into the room and powers people UP? Because our very presence has immediate effects on other people, we have a lot of responsibility to each other concerning our own energy. Since we are going to affect each other anyway, we might as well affect each other in such a way that benefits us all. 

Why practice yoga? 

For health. 

For energy. 

For physical strength and flexibility. 

For prosperity.  

For longevity.  

For compassion.  

For wisdom. 

For love.


The Wandering Yogi

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